GSTR 2A 3B Matching
GSTR 2A 3B Matching

GSTR 2A 3B Matching

Simplest GSTR 2A 3B Matching Tool


Simplest and Cheapest GSTR 2A 3B Matching Tool.

Key Features

  • Single Click Import and consolidation of GSTR-2A Excel Files,
  • Finds Matching and UnMatching Invoices,
  • Smart Algorithm finds Partial and Probably Matching Invoices.

Knowledge Base

Form GSTR 2A 3B Matching is important due to following reasons:

  • Ensures that any Invoice is not Missed or Recorded more than once,
  • Reconciliation ensures that credit is being claimed for the tax which has been actually paid to the supplier.
  • Tax evaders claiming ITC on the basis of fake invoices may be Penalised.
  • In case the supplier has not recorded the outward supplies in GSTR – 1, communication can be sent to the supplier to ensure that the discrepancies are corrected.
  • Errors committed in GSTR-1 by Suppliers or GSTR-3B by Recipients can be rectified.

You can download GST Input Credit Report (GSTR-2A) in excel format from the GST Portal here:


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